The 3×100 Challenge

Because of my ADHD, the only time my brain wants to be productive is when it is being challenged.

Not kind of challenged.

Really, really challenged.

Something that feels worthwhile.

It’s why I decided that I was going to make $100M in 3 years.

That’s a great challenge.

But to get there I need smaller challenges along the way.

So the first Small Big Challenge that I’ve set for myself this year is the 3×100 Challenge.

For this challenge, I’ll be publishing 3 blog posts a day for 100 days straight.

  • Each blog post must be a minimum of 1,000 words. If I can’t write 1,000 words on the topic then it’s not worth publishing.
  • None of the blog posts will be written by AI. This is all on me.

Why do this? It’s pretty extreme!

Two main reasons:

  1. I’m starting from scratch building an audience. Everything I’ve done in the past I’ve basically thrown away so I’m starting from ground zero. To build an audience you need content so the more (quality) content I can get out, the faster I can grow my audience.
  2. I need to clarify my thinking on a number of things and writing is my thinking. I need to clarify my thinking because I want blueprints for myself and my kids. Some blueprints for life and some blueprints for business.

The challenge begins April 10th and ends July 19th.