Falling Out of Love With How-Tos

As an entrepreneur or entrepreneur-wannabe it’s easy to fall in love with How-Tos.

How I earned $1,000 in one-day selling books.

How I read 60 books in 30 days with a full-time job.

How I lost 10 lbs in 10 days while eating chocolate.

It makes sense that we love this type of content. It’s supposed to contain the knowledge about achieving something we don’t know yet.

But the more I build stuff and study what brings success vs unsuccess, the more I see that these how-tos don’t help.

Sure, you’ll learn a cool trick every once in a while, but at the end of the day, the overall structure doesn’t help.


Because they always neglect the core framework that makes the thing work.

And if you can understand the core framework for why something works then you can remix it a million different ways.

For example, let’s say I came up with a way to lose weight by only eating chocolate.

Guess what?

People who understand the core framework for losing weight can already guess what it is.

Just make sure I eat enough chocolate to maintain a caloric deficit for the day.

That’s how the majority of people can lose weight.

Consume less than you burn every single day.

It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that.

How I earned $1,000 in one-day selling books…

The core framework?

Promised people an outcome that would provide them with a better life than they have today.

But it can’t be that simple, right?

It really is.

Everything else is just the packaging around the core framework.

When I was younger and I wanted to get a date with a woman do you know my core framework?

Get her to laugh.

Getting her to laugh made her feel good about herself which in turn she associated spending time with me with feeling good about herself.

That was it.

I didn’t stress about the car, the clothes, or saying the perfect lines.

Just get her to laugh.

So next time you watch a YouTube video or read a newsletter with a bold claim that excites you, don’t avoid it, but try to understand what’s the core framework being used.

What’s the thing that they are doing such a great job of wrapping up in a pretty bow?