Paul Scrivens

Always creating, always learning

The Basics

Hello there. My name is Paul Scrivens, but some people call me Scrivs. I'm a digital inventor, creator, and person who just loves to make things. I like to think of things and then build them out. Usually these ideas focus around helping others. I have been doing this since 1998 which isn't long in the physical world, but in Internet time that makes me one of those BC scribes.

I created the first independent blog network on the web, 9rules (sold in 2009), the first company designed to help companies with their social media communications at Business Logs (sold in 2007), Product Manager at SplashPress Media, Product Designer at (mt) Media Temple, and Director of Product Development at Vocus.

I have also been writing since 2002, mostly about design, but I also like to talk about business, marketing and life in general. I wrote a chapter for the Smashing Book #2 which was so awesome they made it a separate insert. Every once in a while I do some public speaking.

Like to learn more about me and see what I'm up to online? These are the sites I run:

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To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.

- Emerson

Some Questions

What do you like to do?

I love to create. In fact, that is how I got started in computers. I had an idea and I wanted to make it happen, but I needed to do it my way so I hit the books. I learned, experimented, failed, learned, experimented, launched, and started all over. I also like to find the holes in products and industries and create products that fill those gaps.

So you're a developer?

While I can code and design, I understand there are better people out there in the world that can do those things and there is no reason not to build something with the best people. I like to see the complete picture of a company and product. From the branding to the company creed to why we are using rounded corners I like to be involved in the complete process.

Because I've built so many of my own projects I'm able to toss out some initial designs for ideas to see how they work. By no means am I a great designer. I believe in simplicity and any time I try to stretch a design too far it breaks. We have enough distractions in our lives, creating designs that add to that noise just doesn't appeal to me.

What are you working on now?

My focus in on 3 of my businesses: 40 Day Startup, PlopDot, and Jily. I’m currently working on another one for the 40 Day Startup and after that I am calling it quits and focusing on these. Eventually I will be bringing on others to help each one grow, but for now I am building the foundation for all of them on my own.

Will you work for us?

That depends on what you are working on. I like to work on things that help make mine and other's lives better. I like to think that I'm good at what I do because of my experience in building and launching, but that doesn't mean I have all of the answers. I love to work with teams where everyone has a voice and can contribute to the greater good.

If that sounds good, don't hesitate to contact me and let me know about your opportunity. Doesn't matter if it is full-time or contract. You can reach me via Twitter or scrivs{at}gmail.

Online Hangouts

Before you act, listen.
Before you react, think.
Before you spend, earn.
Before you criticize, wait.
Before you pray, forgive.
Before you quit, try.

- Hemingway

What you need to know

'Scrivs' is what a lot of my friends and online colleagues call me so it is usually what I refer to myself as in the online world. If we met in person I would never say, 'Hello, my name is Scrivs' because then you might think I said my name is 'Scribs' and it gets very confusing after that. Although sometimes when I just say my name is Paul I get a blank stare until I say Scrivs. Just can't seem to win that one.

I'm not sure what one could say here about the personal side of myself. I'll include some vital statistics, but beyond that what else is interesting? I love soccer (futbol), my fish, my dog, my family, my fiancee (probably should've listed her first), and life.

I started to play soccer when I was 5 and was fortunate enough to play Division I soccer for the University of South Florida. I only state this because sometimes it comes up in conversation and people are surprised to hear that.

I like to entertain people. I like to make people laugh. I can be a bit outspoken sometimes. I can be difficult to deal with when I'm in a bad mood. I'm still trying to learn about myself and get a better understanding of why I tick the way I do.

My first kiss was in 7th grade. Not sure why you would want to know that. It was extremely awkward though.


  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 180lbs
  • Relationship status: Married.
  • Pets: 3 dogs. 50+ fish.
  • DOB: August 14, 1980.
  • City of Birth: Tampa, Florida.
  • Current Location: Los Angeles, California.