Hi. My name is Paul Scrivens.

I guess the first question you are going to ask is what the hell do I do?

I build projects and mini-businesses. I know I just coined a new term mini-business which is kind of silly considering small business is already a common term out there.

For me a mini-business is something that I can build up quickly and run with little maintenance. It’s never a passive business because you are always doing something.

I like to keep all of these projects/mini-businesses under the Makers Mob umbrella. So if you’re ever curious about what I am working on you should always check that site out first.


I currently live in Colorado. I was born August 14, 1980. I’m married to a woman that somehow has found a way to tolerate me. I have 3 dogs.


Looking to connect? You can shoot an email to scrivs@gmail.com or find me on Twitter.

Want to hire me? I’m always willing to listen so just shoot me an email and we can talk.