Regret has always been an interesting emotion (?) for me. Actually, let me look up the definition of regret first before I start talking out of my ass again.

a feeling of sadness, repentance, or disappointment over something that has happened or been done.

Okay, then I’m on the right path with this.

I don’t do regret. What exactly does that mean?

It means that when I look back at times in my life both good and bad, there aren’t things I look back at with disappointment.


Because I made those choices for a reason. Many of them were clearly not the right choices, but I can only assume that when I made them, I believed that they were.

And what benefit do you get with regret? All that you do is look back, feel like shit, and then hopefully get over it until you think about it again one day.

It can often mean that you look back without any understanding of yourself and your own growth. I don’t avoid regret because I think I’m perfect.

I don’t do regret because I can acknowledge my own growth with things and know that if certain situations popped up again, I would act differently.

But the important thing for me to always keep in mind is that I made those decisions for a reason. I took responsibility for my actions and that’s how you push forward in life.

I’ve hurt people. I’ve been hurt by people.

I’ve missed out on huge financial opportunities due to my own hubris. I quit playing a sport I love way too soon.

Each one of those things was in my control and I made a decision. I take responsibility for each one.

That’s life.

I move on and only hope that I make better decisions for myself moving forward.

Because that’s where I look.

Spending too much time with regret will have you walking backward hoping that you can find your way.

So if I had a talk with my 8-year-old self I would let him know that the best thing he can do is take responsibility for the things he’s about to do.

If you don’t like what happens then take the time to understand why you made that choice and then keep moving forward.

You’ll be just fine.